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There’s nothing like looking good on the outside to make you feel good on the inside. If you’re after a little TLC, or you’re just a fan of all things exfoliator, mask, spray, or butter, then our sustainable collection of body care products will tick all the boxes. From products to banish dry skin for good to lotions, potions, body mists and shower milks that make your body feel tanned and moisturised from tip to toe, there’s something on sale here for everyone to make you feel incredible in your skin. The Dayrize team has put their heads together and come up with a curated selection of the best bodycare products on offer, solving those skin issues, making bath time better, and all-around making every man, woman and child look and feel their best. Tempted by shower sets or into your serums? Our eco-friendly, affordable, sustainable body care products will fit right into any bathroom collection. We promise.
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Oh, now that’s smooth

If you’ve got a whole skincare collection out there to combat pimples and banish blemishes but your body care situation is woefully lacking, Dayrize has the answer to your smooth, silky drought. Our team knows all about the most popular bodycare products for sale to make every part of your body look its best, whether you’re all about the year-round glow or you love a touch of moisturisation to soothe sensitive skin. From your limbs to your back to your fingers and toes, our selection of bodycare favourites takes care of every inch of skin on your body for the pampering of a lifetime. Bath oils, body wash and scrubs? We've got it locked down. We’ve curated anything from once-in-a-blue-moon treats for the most luxurious bath of your life to daily staples that’ll become part of your skincare routine. Whether you’re after a proper pamper or you’re after muscle soaks to restore your body after that big gym sesh, we’ve got you sorted with a selection of the best affordable bodycare products that even a top skincare guru would be jealous of.

Planet-pleasing products your body will love

Your body isn’t the only thing that benefits when you shop on Dayrize. We’re committed to sustainable shopping, and that means stocking body care products the planet will love as much as you do. If you prefer your skincare to be eco-friendly, we’re the place to fill your cart with body washes, sprays, serums, foams, and more. With hundreds of sustainable brands to compare, you can tan, moisturise, and get all kinds of dolled up while helping the planet in the process.