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Are you interested in a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing? Harmoniously balancing the body and mind, our thoughtfully curated health and wellness edit brings together self-care, yoga and natural sleep solutions alongside superfoods, vitamins and supplements for a healthy lifestyle balance. Dayrize encourages you to make your mind and body top priority and you'll find a comprehensive collection of nutritional, fitness and lifestyle saviours to help you look after yourself in a more nourishing and kind way. Our most popular health and wellness products include self-care journals for reflection and relaxation, yoga mats for physical and mental benefits and vitamins and supplements that support both the immune system and specific health concerns. Helping you to enhance your wellbeing and harmonise your mental, emotional and physical states, we’ve got everything you need to help you look great, feel good and sleep well.
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Deep sleep, sun salutations and self-care

Looking for connection alongside better fitness and flexibility? Our affordable yoga mats are perfect for taking along to classes and when practising your vinyasa flow by yourself. Our yoga mats offer comfort and support whilst you're taking part in everything from Bikram yoga to Pilates and give you your own little sacred space for sun salutations and the rolling and unrolling of your spine. Perhaps you want a nurturing routine that encourages a better quality of sleep? Try filling in one of our self-care journals before bedtime or in the morning as your day begins. A popular self-care technique, journaling helps clarify feelings, reduces anxiety and boosts confidence. We haven’t forgotten about those who find it difficult to get to sleep either. Reach for one of our favourite sleep masks and you'll discover the benefits of blocking out artificial light and encouraging more melatonin, both of which will set you up for a blissful and uninterrupted slumber.

A happier, healthier body

We’ve also selected popular superfood supplements and health vitamins to boost immune function and digestive health. With everything from antioxidant to anti-inflammatory properties, our best vitamins and supplements can help increase energy, aid detoxification and enhance overall wellness. Easy to add to recipes and drinks, these daily goodies are nutrient-rich and straightforward to use.

Planet-friendly positivity

Covering all aspects of health and wellness, Dayrize has included products that are clean, sustainable and eco-friendly, so not only are you kinder to yourself but also kinder to the planet. Our hand-picked collection offers you the very best in fitness, mental health and emotional wellbeing for a more mindful modern-day lifestyle.