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There are some household essentials that you never want to run out of. One of these must-haves is an affordable first aid kit. Whether this is for work, home, or to keep in the car for those family trips, you don’t want to be caught without if an accident happens. With Dayrize, you can gather all you need to create a first aid kit that will be useful in a wide range of different accident and emergency situations. From household cooking accidents to those slips, trips and falls that are hard to avoid, your kit will become an invaluable part of your space. Compare customer reviews of our popular first aid kit items to see what vital things you need most. Whether just for you or for your whole family, these are the must-have bits and pieces that no home or office should be without - and the best part is they're sustainably sourced and manufactured for full peace of mind.
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Stock up on first aid kit favourites

It is easy to run out of things – but with our first aid kit favourites for sale, you can be sure you will have a ready supply. From antiseptic for those cuts and grazes to bandage roll for more painful injuries, you can get everything you need in one place. First aid kits need to be fully stocked with non-stick wound dressing for accidents, as well as strapping and support for any injuries you might get when working out. Our supports can be used on your finger, knee, elbow or shin and are made from breathable cotton, silicone and flexible elastic for a great fit. Concerned about those winter coughs and colds? Owning a thermometer has never been so important! This range also includes face masks and general face coverings ideal for daily or emergency use. With the best self-adhesive items in your arsenal, you will be able to protect your family, while waterproof items keep liquid out and promote wound healing. Explore the whole range of good first aid kit supplies to get started.

First aid kits with a conscience

When looking to buy your top first aid kit essentials, you want to make sure that what you are buying is as good for the planet as it is for your family. With Dayrize, you know that we have a strong eco-friendly ethos, which feeds into everything we do. We give each of our products a Dayrize score that allows you to compare them based on how kind they are to our planet. Pick your new favourites based on how sustainable they are and start buying good to feel even better!