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We all want to be sure we smell great, right? And a good men's aftershave is the crowning glory of a chap’s personal grooming routine, the alpha male on the bathroom shelf; so much more glamorous than an eau de cologne or deodorant. Even if it does occasionally lead to you yelling like Kevin from the movie Home Alone as you apply your favourite aftershave, the result is worth it, right? Of course, in reality, there’s no need to wince as you put on aftershave, as most aftershaves now contain some form of soothing ingredients. In fact, the look you’re going for is the chisel-jawed man in the TV advert with the designer subtle and the winning smile. That’s how a good aftershave makes you feel, at least. You can smell good knowing you are doing your bit for the planet, too, when you buy aftershave from Dayrize; you can buy your favourite scents from our top brands at affordable prices, knowing that we work with suppliers that are committed to sustainability. Compare aftershaves based on how sustainable they are thanks to the Dayrize score.
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Top aftershaves that are heaven-scent

Whether the men’s aftershave you’re looking for is a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, you’ll find that we offer a wide range of individual aftershaves to review and compare. Choose from a range of top names at tempting prices. And if you are splashing out on a pressie, then why not try an aftershave gift set? We sell all the accessories you could want to go with an aftershave, too, from oils and lotion to balms and colognes that match or complement our range of aftershave for men.

So what exactly is an aftershave?

People often use the terms aftershave interchangeably with ‘eau de parfum’ and ‘eau de toilette’ but, strictly speaking, these are different things. An aftershave will contain less perfume oil than other men’s scents. This means that your skin won’t go blotchy, but it will last only around three hours, whereas an eau de toilette’s scent can last for up to eight hours and an eau de parfum can linger all day. Unlike eau de parfum or eau de toilette, aftershave will also generally contain ingredients to help soothe skin irritated by shaving – often aloe vera. This should also help to prevent the appearance of any redness or rashes after you shave. If you know you have particularly sensitive skin, you can choose to supplement this with a specialist aftershave balm or moisturising lotion. Shop our range of popular aftershave options from sustainable brands today.