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coming soon to We care about you, the planet and who makes your clothes.

AmaElla was founded with a vision of creating a fashion company with ethical and sustainable values at its core.

Ethically made in Portugal and using GOTS certified organic cotton, AmaElla produces timeless lingerie classics that are kinder to the skin, kinder to the environment and better for farmers and their communities.

Our mission is to encourage and celebrate ethical shopping behaviour by making beautiful and sustainable lingerie in a high-quality, transparent way.

We make lingerie for you and the real world you live in. We invite you to help us redefine beauty and change shopping behaviours to safeguard our environment and ensure workers and farmers thrive. We want you to be part of our journey, join in the conversation and help us in our mission.

We know you care about your wellbeing, your look and your impact on the planet. That’s why we’ll always be honest about how our products are sourced and made.