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Aphrodite RazorsAphrodite Razors
Aphrodite RazorsAphrodite Razors

Aphrodite Razors

We want to encourage women to do better by providing a better shaving experience, that’s better for your skin whilst being better for the planet. A better beauty experience that keeps the planet beautiful too.

Safety razors were traditionally used by men, but women can really benefit from their smoother and kinder results. That’s why we designed Aphrodite Razors.

Aphrodite means beauty, and we're determined to help women feel beautiful in a better way with our elegant and feminine safety razor design.

We're passionate about making it easy and appealing to make the switch and really give shaving with a safety razor a go.

The more women we can inspire to shave with a safety razor, the more plastic is being saved overall, and the more beautiful our planet can remain.