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Aqua & RockAqua & Rock

Aqua & Rock

To help the planet, not hinder it.

Aqua & Rock is here not only to provide but also to show people a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that is sustainable. All of our products are made from sustainable fabrics whether that be recycled, up-cycled or organic. We focus a lot of our time and energy into production and business practises making sure we can be the most eco-friendly brand possible. We are very proud to have created our very own sustainable fabrics Aqua Triblend and Aqua Natural Triblend.

One of our biggest achievements is winning the Drapers "One to Watch" award at the Sustainable Fashion Awards. We believe in always developing our knowledge into new sustainable technologies and production practises. We are dedicated to helping the planet not hindering it by showing that sustainable shopping can be just as stylish and as easy to access as fast fashion is today.

  • No Child Labor
  • No Forced Labor
  • No Animal Testing
  • Fair Compensation
  • Safe Working Environment
  • No Ecosystem Destruction
  • No Increased Threat to Endangered or At-Risk Species
  • No Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Reproductive Toxins


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