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AromaTherapy ShedAromaTherapy Shed

AromaTherapy Shed

Coming Soon: Reduce, Refill, Recycle.

We are a sustainable, refillable and ethically sourced natural wellness, selfcare brand. We use only natural ingredients in our bath, body and skin care range and our natural ingredients are sourced from the farmers and blended by our qualified aromatherapist and botanical perfumer. Reduce, Refill, Recycle. 

We create beautiful, unique and natural products which harness the power of plants to help support both body and mind. Our experienced team of therapists, botanical perfumers and essential oil specialists mean that we buy from source and are in complete control of the supply chain. We support many community growers in developing countries ensuring that we give the opportunity for for economic independence to girls and young women. All of our ingredients and packaging are ethically sourced and use minimum plastic. The vast majority of our range is plastic free and has a low carbon footprint.



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