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Artful SonderArtful Sonder
Artful SonderArtful Sonder

Artful Sonder

coming soon to Ethical Tees that plant trees

Artful Sonder is an artsy brand that focuses on ethics and sustainability. This means we’re always trying to be more mindful of the people involved in production as well as the environmental impact our brand has on the world.

All of our clothing is made in Fair Wear Foundation approved facilities. This simply means that none of our clothing was made in sweat shops and the people involved in production are guaranteed safe and dignified working conditions as well as a fair living wage. After production we also try to work with local artists and suppliers rather than big companies that may not align with our focus or ethics.

We think about our environmental impact right from the start, ensuring our items are made in carbon neutral facilities - to the end - by using water based ink when printing our designs and then sending them to you in plastic free packaging. We’re also giving back! With every item you buy, 2 trees are planted by our partner, Treesisters.



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