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Bed of NailsBed of Nails
Bed of NailsBed of Nails

Bed of Nails

coming soon to Our aim is as high as healing the world one person at a time.

At Bed of Nails® we believe in healthy living and we want to help people create and sustain a healthy lifestyle amid the stresses of our modern world.

With this vision we create affordable, well-designed, sustainable products that bring the self-healing benefits of more expensive treatments (such as acupuncture and massage) into the homes and workplaces of people everywhere. We believe that people enjoy life more, and work harder, when they have easy access to user-friendly tools for self-healing.

The mystical bed of nails originated over 1,000 years ago and was used by gurus in the practice of meditation and healing. Bed of Nails has created a modern, ergonomically designed version of that ancient technology, with a Swedish twist, to model those same deep healing effects. With thousands of non-toxic plastic nails, harmless to the skin but with all the healing benefits of its legendary ancestor. With more nails than most other acupressure mats on the market, the original Bed of Nails allows for more treatment and more comfort.

We are committed to the health of our BON Tribe and also to the health of our planet. Over the years we’ve researched and tested, and researched again, to find the most sustainable materials for our BON ECO line that features sustainable materials that are better for the environment and more luxurious for you.

All our products have 100% non-toxic recyclable HIPS plastic, certified for use in surgical equipment. These nails are secured to the fabric with a melting process rather than environmentally damaging glue. Our signature BON products use 100% Cotton, hand washable removable cover with a PU foam insert. Our BON ECO products use a 100% linen, hand-washable, removable cover with a coconut fiber insert. Our BON ECO Pillows are filled with 100% buckwheat hulls.

Join the BON Tribe today to harness the power of a healthy lifestyle a thousand years in the making.


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