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CloudCloth® is part of a long heritage in re-usable British skin care.

Alongside re-fillable cosmetics and re-usable componentry, cotton cloth pads were used in British facial care many years ago and have been rediscovered as a sustainable alternative to disposable pads and wipes. This principle was behind the development of CloudCloth® in 2017.

We’re passionate about making our product and processes as sustainable as possible. But it’s not always been easy or straight forward to achieve our sustainable aims and objectives. Here at CloudCloth® we’ve realised that it’s the long game that’s important and that’s what we’re steadfastly focused on. In other words, it’s not possible to do everything as sustainably as we’d like right now, but we have clear objectives in view and that’s where we’re aiming every hour of every day.

We’ve achieved some important milestones in our sustainability journey so far:

Milestone 1: Achieved
Reducing the burden of throw-aways on the environment
• Creating a viable re-usable alternative to throw away cleansing consumables such as wipes and cotton wool.

Milestone 2: Achieved
Minimising the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and supply chain
• By manufacturing both our cloths and packaging in the UK, we reduce the carbon footprint of our product, whilst also supporting the British manufacturing economy.
• Our packs are recyclable and made from recycled card, printed using vegetable-based inks and produced using a carbon neutral process.

Milestone 3: Achieved
Making our cloths from certified organic cotton
• Moving our cotton fabric to 100% certified organic was an important milestone and one that we’re very proud to have achieved! This means that not only the base cloth itself is sustainable, but also that it is manufactured ethically too.
There’s lots more to do. Here are some of the sustainability goals we have our sights on for the future:

Milestone 4: Under Review
Making our sew-in labels from certified organic cotton
• We’re working with a supplier on options for an organic printed cotton label that withstands washing and wear. This will replace our existing woven damask label. We hope to have a solution in place very soon.

Milestone 5: Under Review
Further reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing process and supply chain under review
• We’d love to achieve a 100% UK-based supply chain by weaving our base cotton in the UK. We continue to work with our manufacturing partners and hopefully find a viable alternative to achieve this goal.

Milestone 6 : Under Review
Gaining consumer organic certification for our cloths
• Sourcing organic cotton to make our cloths was a long and challenging process. It was an important aspect of our sustainability road map and an achievement we’re proud of. As part of our continued commitment to transparency, we’re working towards certification for the organic origins of our cotton. This won’t change the high quality or fabric and ethical standards that we already adhere to, but it will be officially backed up by a recognised consumer body.


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