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The best disposal method. PERIOD.

2.5m tampons and 1.4m pads flushed every day in the UK* means that FabLittleBag has its work cut out! Our mission has 3 core aims:

1. To stop pollution of rivers, oceans and beaches
2. To make disposal easy, hygienic and relaxing, replacing feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment that can sometimes be felt.
3. To help to breakdown the taboo around periods

FabLittleBags are sustainably sourced made 60% from renewable sugarcane waste, 10% cornstarch and 30% recycled material. This supports both low carbon (sugarcane absorbs co2 as it grows which is locked in) and supports a circular economy of waste. The glue to seal the bags closed is vegan. They open with one hand = easy, are opaque = discreet, and they seal closed = good hygiene. No mess no stress, just Open-In-Seal & Bin.

Disposal of used period products is like the taboo within the taboo! No-one talks about it! The taboo around periods mean that Flushers and Binnners don't realise each other exists; everyone assumes that everyone does as they do. Flushing causes both blockages and pollution in our rivers, oceans and beaches. Once educated, flushers are usually happy to become fabulous Binners! Binning involves doing the Loo Roll Wrap, or trying to use the wrapper and can be fraught with problems like: no bin, a disgusting bin, feeling ‘exposed’ when at a friend’s house, not enough loo roll, or when outdoors, like camping, hiking, sailing etc where disposal is tricky. FabLittleBags take all that stress away and provides sustainable, confident disposal whenever, wherever.



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