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Halda HitaHalda Hita

Halda Hita

No harmful dyes, chemicals or production processes, and absolutely no cheap labour are used in the production of the yarn used by Halda Hita.

Halda Hita took its first warm breath in 2018. From a small studio nestled in the Sussex countryside, Nina Roberts, its founder, spends her days turning beautiful yarns into bold, playful and ‘ever-so-comfy’ comfy things.

Bold stripes, simple but striking patterns and soft high-quality yarns are at the core of Halda Hita. Each product is made with care on a hand powered domestic knitting machine that doesn’t require electricity.

From start to finish, the merino wool yarn is processed under strict ECO/ISO standards that keeps waste and environmental impact to a minimum, and it’s sourced from suppliers that comply with the highest ethical standards. The merino wool comes from New Zealand sheep that are not subjected to the cruel practice of mulesing. The yarn is spun in Italy and sold by a small family run business based in the UK.

Merino wool fibres are extremely fine and this makes the finished product feel soft and gentle against the skin, plus it’s breathable too. No itchy scratchy uncomfortable stuff here! It’s machine washable making your scarf easy to care for.

Nina believes in caring for clothes and wearing them for longer, and loves that a new accessory can bring an existing outfit up to date and make it look fresh and different.

  • No Child Labor 
  • No Forced Labor 
  • No Animal Testing 
  • Fair Compensation   
  • Safe Working Environment 
  • No Ecosystem Destruction  
  • No Increased Threat to Endangered or At-Risk Species 
  • No Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Reproductive Toxins  
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