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Imagine SkincareImagine Skincare
Imagine SkincareImagine Skincare

Imagine Skincare

coming soon to Natural handmade skincare that really works!

My name's Lizzy and I have worked in the envrionmental sector since the year 2000 and all my jobs have been working as either an Environmental Officer or Sustainable Transport Officer. I really enjoyed my work, but one day realised there were no natural eco-friendly beauty salons near me, so I decided to retrain and start an eco-friendly skincare and beauty salon here in Cornwall, UK.

I specialise in treating and advising people on skincare using only natural ingredients and have been doing this since 2014. I have developed all my skincare products with the help of my lovely clients, who've helped me test and fine-tune all my recipes. I worked on my Sooth:z eczema balm by making 9 different recipes and testing these on real people suffering from eczema over a period of 5 years to come up with the best cream. I have worked hard to ensure my whole salon uses no disposable plastics, reusable equipment and strong essential oil-based sanitisers and reusable covers and face masks etc.

I make most of the cleansers, moisturisers and scrubs used in my treatments, so I branched out to produce my own skincare products for sale. I use British packaging and try and work with local bee keepers to source my honey and beeswax and a local farmer to source my rapeseed oil. I use organic oils and supplies only from fairtrade and sustainable producers and everything is handmade. I use paper padded envelopes and paper packing tape or recycled paper boxes to send items out and all packing is plastic free.

All my products are made with sensitive skin in mind.


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