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Jacques LemansJacques Lemans
Jacques LemansJacques Lemans

Jacques Lemans

We are all about; Innovation. Creation. Quality.

Jacques Lemans is an international watch and jewellery producer based in Carinthia/Austria. Millions of content customers in more than 120 countries worldwide love and trust their Jacques Lemans watches every single day.

This enormous success is based on a clear-cut philosophy: best quality and manufacturing at an affordable price. Jacques Lemans watches and jewellery are simply outstanding due to premium manufacturing, absolute reliability, easily repairable (IF ever needed) innovative technique and stylish elegance.

Sustainability is always at the forefront of our mind and in our industry it is a daily challenge to honour our promise of producing watches and jewellery with the world in mind.

From the initial idea to rough sketches, from final design to production, marketing and sales – Jacques Lemans is doing everything „in-house“, which is not only a slogan but truly lived corporate culture and therefore an immensely important part of the Jacques Lemans success Story.


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