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Like you, we believe the simple actions we make today can have a huge and positive impact on the future...

At Komodo, we are dedicated to creating clothes that are sustainable and don’t have a negative impact on the environment. We are passionate about protecting and nurturing our planet, but we also love fashion and don’t believe the two need to be mutually exclusive. Why can’t we look great whilst fighting for the world we live in?!

Created by Mark Bloom (aka Joe Komodo) - KOMODO began life at an extraordinary moment in our history coinciding with an unlikely trip to Bali. You could say we are a brand born out of a backpack.

It was summer 1988 and the headstrong spirit of British youth culture was taking a leap into the world of Acid House, it was a social revolution and we loved it. We were a young mixed gang of mates, we loved travelling and finding colourful interesting fabrics and twisting them into the English eccentric styles that were so iconic to that hazy mazy movement.

Our motivation was to stand out, to be different. To be fun and to represent the amazing people and their talents we found in Asia, we really loved them. We worked so hard with them, fixing challenges and taking their traditional techniques, twisting them to invent new ones, to bring something fresh to the insatiable market of Great British Street Fashion that was loved around the world!