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Koy ClothingKoy Clothing
Koy ClothingKoy Clothing

Koy Clothing

Coming Soon: Donate over 50% of profits to sustainable charity projects within Kenyan communities.

Our founding brothers were born and raised in Africa and spent most of their upbringing between Kenya and the UK. This gave them a very unique opportunity to combine two completely different worlds through fashion and support the continent they grew up in and love so much in the process.

Due to the co-founders unique upbringing in Africa, they saw an opportunity to use the stunning African fabrics that surrounded them growing up, in combination with classic European fabrics and designs to produce a product that would appeal to the high-end western market.

Africa has so much to offer, from its stunning scenery to its magical wildlife and its unique and interesting cultures, Africa is just full of inspiration! However, while many choose to give back to it, there are some who sadly choose to exploit it. It is our promise to value the inspiration that this stunning continent has given us. We do this by giving 5% of all sales (At least 50% of profits) to sustainable charity projects within Kenyan communities, helping the people, the place, and the wildlife.


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