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We produce eco-friendly printed goods that encourage sustainbility without compromising on fun and colour.

KTMCCROSSAN aims to produce a fun, colourful and exciting collection of printed goods, without harming the planet. Based in Glasgow, Katy’s work focuses on the exploration of colour theory within textiles, taking inspiration from the Modernist movement, experimenting with form, abstracting shapes and using colour theory as a subject matter to create contrasting, vibrant, bold and playful prints.

Environmental impact is carefully considered within the design process, all prints and cards are printed on 100% recycled paper, using eco-friendly printing techniques. Packaging is either re-used, recycled, compostable or biodegradable.

All products are printed using either digital or risograph techniques within small, sustainable printing companies.

  • No Child Labor 
  • No Forced Labor 
  • No Animal Testing 
  • Fair Compensation   
  • Safe Working Environment 
  • No Ecosystem Destruction  
  • No Increased Threat to Endangered or At-Risk Species 
  • No Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Reproductive Toxins  
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