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Solid cosmetics and sustainable accessories for your zero-waste life.

Lamazuna is the brand that has been reducing your bathroom waste since 2010 with solid cosmetics, such as solid shampoos and deodorants, and sustainable accessories, such as washable cleansing wipes.


Lamazuna aims to make everything simpler while considerably reducing waste. And because they understand that saving the planet shouldn't cost the earth, buying these products ultimately helps you save money and the environment.


To ensure that they always remain true to their values, there are certain criteria that their products must meet. They must all be:

  • Zero waste.
  • Vegan.
  • Made as locally as possible.


Lamazuna wants to spread the word about zero waste, giving you lots of inspiring ideas to help you switch to a more zero-waste lifestyle. Lamazuna is for everyone, from eco-warriors to those who are simply curious.


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