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London BathersLondon Bathers
London BathersLondon Bathers

London Bathers

Body + Mind + Nature

We're a London-based indie brand crafting high quality, low impact body care products and design-led bathroom/kitchen accessories. Our simple, stripped-back aesthetic matches what we offer you - pure, natural products without the unnecessary stuff. We stand for minimal packaging and recycling what we use, and our range is almost completely plastic free, while the pouches we use are collected for recycling through TerraCycle. As a small business, we're doing the best we can to offer beautiful products without harming the beautiful environment that we all share. There's more to do, but reducing our impact is always top of the list.

We source and make the finest products from other independent makers and small batch suppliers, so we know what we offer is spreading the love in all the right places. Choose us for your bath + shower essentials, me-time treats, or special gifts for friends and family.

- All body care products made in Britain
- Cruelty free, always
- Vegan friendly
- Organic and natural ingredients
- Glass bottles and jars, not plastic
- 100% recyclable packaging
- Delivered by Royal Mail, meaning less courier journeys
- In-house recycling programme
- Support of small UK suppliers
- Tree planting through


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