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Lovegrove EssentialsLovegrove Essentials
Lovegrove EssentialsLovegrove Essentials

Lovegrove Essentials

Luxurious, holistic skin and body care, with you and the planet at the heart of our business.

The best way to see to the core of our business is through our Key Principles:

The Lovegrove Essentials ‘Five Key Principles’ were drafted in 2015 and formed the foundation for the business. Updated every year, they continue to address the marketplace and govern all company activities and decision making.

Holistic – We consider mental health, exercise and nutrition integral to a wholesome skincare regime. Our products reflect our commitment to the relationship between cosmetics, health and wellbeing, the environment and the future of the planet.

Natural & Organic – We use high quality ingredients from trustworthy suppliers and are committed to sustainable production processes.

Trust & Confidence – We want to inspire trust in our brand. Our customers will have confidence in the products we create and know they are safe, even for sensitive skin.

Environmental Responsibility – We manage our business and ourselves in a responsible way, monitoring and regularly updating the systems and processes we use to make our products, run our business and live our lives.

Enlightenment - We live to learn, and we learn to live. Education is a key part of our business as we help customers, clients and therapists understand why we make the choices we make. We share our knowledge to further benefit their lives, their work and their wellbeing.



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