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Me & Maeve GraceMe & Maeve Grace

Me & Maeve Grace

Stylish matching clothing for you & your little one.

We’re a small mum run business that was launched because of the gap in the market there was for stylish matching clothing that was also high quality and had sustainability at its core.

We consider the environmental impact at every stage of our business from choosing fabrics and printing processes, to trims, packaging and the suppliers we work with. Not only do we want to have a business model that is treading as lightly on our planet as possible, but we want to make sure that it is kind to our people too.

We only work with factories that are ethically run and pay and treat their works fairly.

We don’t believe that fast fashion and driving prices down at the expense of employees is right, and we want to make sure that the hands that make our garments are happy hands.

We share behind the scenes of our design and manufacturing processes so that you can see how your clothing comes to life and the people that help make the magic happen.

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard

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