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Organic House

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The person behind the brand is Annie. Being a mother led her on a journey of exploring natural skincare. It started with oats as an alternative to steroids for treating her daughter’s eczema and has grown from there.
She was inspired to set up a natural, organic skincare business as a complete advocate for reducing the amount of harsh chemicals and preservatives consumers are surrounded by in everyday life. She always read food labels and packaging on toiletries and worried about what our bodies absorb as by-products.

She first started experimenting with natural remedies when her baby daughter had sensitive skin with eczema which she treated by using natural oils and home-made skincare with oats. The eczema disappeared and has not returned. Some years later Annie herself developed a severe allergy to sulphates and other ingredients found in everyday household products. When she started suffering from swelling of the knuckles and fingers, she was advised by the family GP that this would be the beginning of osteoarthritis but she had her suspicions having had some knowledge of the side effects of certain ingredients thus stopped all use of harsh products in the house and used rubber gloves even when using eco-friendly products. Within a few weeks her hands returned to normal condition and the swelling disappeared. She certainly has not developed arthritis.


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