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coming soon to Scrubbing up kids and planet!

Scrubbington’s was created by two friends with a passion for natural products and their children.

Karen was washing her 5-year-old son with a baby bath product and thinking... why am I still using a bubble bath with a picture of a baby on the front when he’s not a baby anymore, and why I am washing him when he should be starting to wash himself?! And so Scrubbington’s was born.

Our company mission is to empower children – there are so many things that parents need to teach their children, the most basic of which is washing and personal hygiene, so we thought we would develop a range of products that help children to wash themselves.

That’s why they are foaming as it’s so much easier (and more fun) for kids to use and all of our range is 98% natural which we know is really important to parents who still need to care for a child’s delicate skin.

We also have a strong focus on the environment as it is our kids future. All our bottles are made of recycled plastic and we offer refill pouches which save 78% plastic compared to a new bottle! We send out orders in reused cardboard and use starch packing beans which are biodegradable.


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