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The Flax SackThe Flax Sack
The Flax SackThe Flax Sack

The Flax Sack

Sleep Perfection

The Flax Sack adopts the ethos of sustainability to underwrite everything that sits within its design and lifestyle brand.

Both the Flax & Bamboo Fibre have been used across millennia as raw materials in the production of textiles.

The Flax Sack bedding has a unique look and feel to it, being soft to the touch with a lovely sheen, The fabric can either be ironed or just dried for the more rustic look.. The timeless design speaks of luxury and effortless living, its elegant colour pallet has been refined to correlate with colour-healing practices that have been gaining popularity over the recent years.

Over the years the World has undergone changes and advancement in almost every facet of its infrastructure, however when talking about environmental sustainability the textile industry has room for improvement.

The Flax Sack aims to help facilitate sustainability within the modern home and textile industry by expanding the vision of bringing our luxurious products to your home.


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