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Thinking MuThinking Mu
Thinking MuThinking Mu

Thinking Mu

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Thinking MU is a fashion brand for non-conformists and passionate people who believe that life deserves to be enjoyed and, above all, respected.

Born in Barcelona, we created a new way of understanding sustainable clothing. Our aim is to help it the only way we know how: by filling it with creativity, music, colours, patterns, positive messages and sustainable fabrics that contribute to a happier, easier and better world.

We exist to contribute to a slower, more conscious consumption system with a positive impact for society and the planet. We want to start a conversation about climate change through our collections.

We are proud of our traceability. Each of our garments comes with a unique QR code which tells you exactly where the garment was made, by whom, and its impact.

From farmers to retailers, we want to ensure that everyone in the supply chain is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. All the factories we use are audited regularly to ensure they meet the standards we expect.

Innovative fabric is core to our sustainability. This includes the use of hemp, sustainable and non-toxic dyes and prints, and garments made from trash, including post-consumer waste and fishing equipment that has been pulled from the sea.


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