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Nothing is ever wasted.

Up-fuse is a fully-fledged Cairo-based cult brand and social enterprise created in celebration of You and this beautiful planet – Earth.

In 2013 Up-fuse started with Yara and Rania’s passion for material exploration and a need to reuse the disposed of plastic waste in Egypt. The duo realised the capacity to go beyond making an environmental impact and the idea of designing and producing a local product that revolutionises Egyptian handcrafts became very appealing.

With much sweat and support the abstract idea manifested into an environmentally-conscious social-enterprise that applies a slow-fashion model, reducing waste through ethical production and supporting local artisans and women who endure harsher conditions.

  • No Child Labor
  • No Forced Labor
  • No Animal Testing
  • Fair Compensation
  • Safe Working Environment
  • No Ecosystem Destruction
  • No Increased Threat to Endangered or At-Risk Species
  • No Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Reproductive Toxins
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