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coming soon to One healthy smile at a time cuz bamboo’s HOT and plastic’s NOT!

Our Mission

We know our products aren’t going to save the world. They can, however, remind us every day that we have made one small decision toward a cleaner planet and that can inspire us all to make one more.

Through innovation, inspiration, and positivity- our mission is to change the world, one healthy smile at a time cuz bamboo’s HOT and plastic’s NOT!

Every year billions of plastic toothbrushes are thrown away, clogging landfills and polluting the oceans. Woobamboo toothbrushes offer a natural and biodegradable option that works just as well and last just as long as a conventional toothbrush. The handle is made from sustainable and organic moso bamboo which is panda friendly (not the bamboo that they eat). The recyclable bristles are Dupont Tynex, arguably the best quality and most trusted bristle available. So when you're done using your Woo Bamboo toothbrush, you could literally pull out and recycle the bristles, and throw the handle into your compost where it will gently biodegrade. They're ""Dentist approved, Mother Nature recommended!"" All packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. Big changes happen if we all make small steps, and these products serve as an inspirational reminder that a small step has been made towards a cleaner planet



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