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The Dayrize Score explained

To help you make informed purchasing decisions, we developed a scoring system that assesses products and ranks their environmental impact. We call it the Dayrize Score.

The Dayrize Score evaluates the degree to which a product can be considered sustainable, regenerative, and circular. That’s a fancy way to say we find good products that happen to be good for the planet too. To calculate the Dayrize Score we evaluate six key factors:

  • Ecosystem impact

    This tells us what the impact of the product is on biodiversity and water depletion.

  • Livelihoods & Wellbeing

    This tells us how each product will impact the health and wellbeing of the people involved in creating the product.

  • Purpose

    This tells us how meaningful a product’s purpose is by looking at the value that it provides, and the potential it has to be an accelerator for good.

We know it gets a little scientific — our job is to understand the heavy stuff. All you need to know is the higher the score the better the product is for the planet (and the polar bears).