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With so much choice out there, how do you know which is the best boys' swimwear to buy? The truth is, it'll often depend mostly on the occasion it's needed for - as well, of course, on yours and your boy's preferences! You might be looking for something to wear to keep cool in the garden in the summer, or for messing around on the beach on holiday. Maybe you're looking for good boys' swimwear for more active purposes, like swimming lessons, swimming competitions or water sports. Whatever you need, you'll find a range of great bathing suits for boys here at Dayrize. We've got styles, fits, colours and patterns to suit children of all different ages, as well as some great eco-friendly choices, which you'll see when you check out the sustainability rating that we've given to each and every pair.
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Brilliant beach shorts

For messing around on the beach or by a pool, swimming shorts or board shorts are a good bet. They're loose enough to allow kids to move around easily, whether in or out of the water, as well as being comfortable - boys' swim shorts mean they can truly enjoy a day spent both by and in the water! Junior swim shorts come in a range of different lengths, with some stopping mid-thigh, and others reaching down below the knees. Their length can offer a little more protection from the elements and shorts are available in all sorts of exciting colours and designs, too.

Brilliant boys' briefs

As well as swimming trunks, you'll find that brief-style swimwear is also popular. They're a great all-rounder, and for younger boys they're perfect, as they're easier to put on and take off than shorts, helping to avoid any potential accidents! Briefs are also ideal if you're buying swimwear for a boy who swims competitively. Because they have less fabric than shorts and because of their design, they're far more streamlined. Their high cut leg means that they create less drag in the water and so can improve swimming performance in racing conditions. Plain black, bold block colours, exciting patterns... whether you go for regular shorts, board shorts or briefs, it's easy to find a colour or style that your child loves. You can also choose between an elasticated waistband or a drawstring - or both - to make them easy to get on and off. The choice is yours!