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Splashing around in the local swimming pool or off on a summer holiday? Looking for boys' swimwear for swimming lessons or swim trunks or briefs for the paddling pool in the back garden? We're here to help! At Dayrize, you'll find affordable boys' swim shorts to suit every occasion and style. We've hand-picked our favourite boys' swim shorts from some truly brilliant brands - including some great eco-friendly options, as you'll see from the sustainability scores we've given to them all. So whether you're after long or short junior swimming shorts; plain blue, black or red or bold prints; something more child-like or matching boys' and men's shorts so he can be just like daddy, we've got a whole host of popular boys' swim shorts that we know you will love! The only thing for you to do is to make a decision...
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Look at length and fit

One of the key considerations, when you buy boys' swim shorts, has to be comfort. The better their swimming trunks fit them, the more comfortable they will be - this is important if you've planned a whole day at the beach or the pool! Elasticated waistbands or adjustable ties can ensure they still fit even after a growth spurt, and length is important too. Some boys prefer longer beach shorts, others a mid-thigh or knee-length choice. Just be sure that the shorts you choose give your child enough freedom to move around easily, and that they fit well and stay up, without feeling too tight or constrictive.

A suitable style...

It's not just the length and fit that matter, but the right style for each individual's needs too. You might be looking for shorts made from a quick-drying fabric if you're planning a day that involves flitting between pool or sea and dry land, or practical features like built-in sun protection or even pockets. Colours, patterns and styles are also important, so you can buy swim shorts with his personality in mind. What are his favourite colours? Would he prefer a block colour or a mix of two or more? How about a pattern, like stripes, spots or geometric, or a print that's based on his favourite things? It could be animals, space... anything that relates to a personal interest. It's not only us adults that have our own sense of style, after all!