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Jumpsuits offer the ultimate in style, comfort and cool, and we offer our younger fashionistas a great choice of styles and fabrics for all occasions. The Dayrize collection of girls' jumpsuits really does offer all that and more, at the best affordable prices. Available in all sizes from petite and tall, as well as plus size, you are guaranteed to find the look, fit and fabric that is right for you. You could literally fill your wardrobe with our girls' jumpsuits and they would keep you going all year round. Check out the reviews to compare the latest styles and find your new wardrobe favourite.
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The heat is on

Ideal for summer holidays, our strapless styles are the best choice for warmer weather, and our culotte and wide leg jumpsuits ensure you can keep your cool when the weather heats up. Choose from our floral prints for a simple yet cute and pretty look. These effortless styles and fabrics are perfect to take away on holiday with you – they take up so little space in your suitcase but take you from day to evening with ease. Simply pop a denim jacket over the top and you’re good to go. But a jumpsuit isn’t just for summer. We also have long sleeve versions which are really fun to wear in the winter months and make a refreshing change from jeans and a jumper. A great buy for winter walks and parties.

A bit of an animal

Our leopard print jumpsuits are the perfect statement piece and never go out of fashion. Simply slip one on and you are good to go, whether it’s a day out or a night in with friends. Our jumpsuits come in a huge range of popular fabrics, meaning there is something for simply every occasion. Our lace and denim fabrics are great for weekends when you’re out and about, but you can also go for a more formal, party look with glitter and sequins. As well as summer parties, we have jumpsuits that are perfect for those really special occasions such as weddings and prom night, ensuring that you can stand out amongst all the usual party dresses with something that is totally unique, super-cool and stylish.

A better choice

And as always with Dayrize, we have the environment at the forefront of our minds, so you can buy in confidence knowing that your new jumpsuit has been sustainably sourced and is a better choice for everyone, as well as your pocket.