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Girls' leggings and jeggings are always a popular choice - and it's easy to see why! They're a versatile piece of clothing that's a staple of wardrobes up and down the country, and whether you're buying for younger kids or older teens, they can be dressed up or dressed down for a whole range of different looks to suit every type of weather and every occasion. If you're on the hunt for a new pair of favourite leggings for your little one or as a gift for someone else, have a browse through the affordable range we have on sale. We've carefully hand-curated this range from a selection of top UK brands - and you can buy in the knowledge that you can choose brands who have the environment and social responsibility at their core.
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Room to move and grow

One of the reasons why leggings are a favourite choice amongst girls and their parents alike is their practicality. Their stretchy, fitted style gives girls the room they need to move freely in comfort, making them a good choice for super-active children. What's more, they're easy to put on and take off, which is why parents of babies and toddlers favour leggings and jeggings as their girls' legwear choices too. And with many styles sewn from quick-drying fabrics, it's even more reason to make leggings a girls' wardrobe staple. They're not just for active times either - with their elasticated waistband and comfortable fit, they're also ideal for those quieter times spent watching a film or curled up with a good book.

Whatever the season

Girls' leggings can be paired with all sorts of other pieces to make them suitable for wearing all year round - and for all occasions. Team them with skirts or dresses for a warm and stylish look, or with an oversized jumper for a cosy style for cooler days. Or, with a t-shirt and trainers, girls' leggings are a simple, comfortable outfit for an active summer's day.

Suit your style

One of the great things about girls' leggings is that they come in all sorts of patterns, colours and prints. Plain leggings are great for schoolwear or for a bit of versatility, as they can be paired with almost anything. Jeggings - which look like jeans but are a tighter fit and more comfortable - give that denim look, while leggings also come in bolder, brighter colours and patterns - and even designs based on some of today's kids' favourite film, book and TV characters.