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There are plenty of decisions that need to be made when buying girls' swimwear! Girls' swimsuits vary a lot depending on the age they're aimed at, as well as by design, by colour and by purpose. If they need something for swimming lessons or swimming competitions, it'll no doubt be a very different choice from something you'd buy to use as beachwear. For when you're on the beach, by the pool on holiday and messing around in the back garden in the summer, bikini sets are a popular choice. The best girls' bikinis will fit well without being too tight, they'll be easy to get on and off but will still stay in place and - importantly - they'll make sure that kids are happy to be seen wearing them!
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Style matters... whatever your age!

As with women's bikini sets, you'll find affordable girls' bikinis in all sorts of different styles. When it comes to bikini tops, a crop top-style bikini or a tankini top will give the most coverage, which is great if you're looking for more protection from direct sunshine. A bandeau bikini - just a single strip of fabric around the chest - is a super stylish choice, as is a classic triangle bikini! On the bottom half, there's also a lot of choice: high waisted bikini bottoms, classic briefs, or shorts and bikini bottoms with a built-in skirt if you're looking for something that covers the legs more. One of the great things about bikinis for girls is that they're easy to get on and off: no more having to strip the whole swimsuit off when nature calls!

Stylish and fun!

Just like we want to feel great in our swimwear, our kids do too! That's why at Dayrize, we've hand-selected everything from classic swimwear designs and colours to more modern prints, bolder colours, and themes that girls will love! A classic black bikini, a fun and bold red bikini, bright white bikini choices - you can even mix and match the tops and bottoms so you give them a range of different looks. If you're looking for more sustainable choices, then Dayrize is a great choice for you. Compare girls' bikinis on our website and you'll notice that each one has its own sustainability score. Make the choice that's best for the girl you're buying for, as well as for Planet Earth.