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Carry yourself in style with our snappy collection of affordable men’s bags. Whether you’re after a hardwearing backpack to accompany you on the road less travelled, or you’re in need of a stylish changing bag for trips to the gym, we’ve got you covered. Oh, and if you’re into sustainable shopping – we’re here for that, too. Either way, our extensive range of popular men’s bags has been carefully curated to suit your every need. From holdalls and duffle bags to bumbags and laptop carriers, there’s something for every type of man. We understand the need for durable, quality bags better than anyone else, but we also know it’s important to achieve the right look. That’s why we offer the best bags in a range of colours; understated, functional shades to vibrant hues that draw the eye. Find an eye-catching bag for the beach or look the part when heading to the office; the combination of colour, style, and design make for a great everyday accessory.
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Look the part, be the part. Buy good

At Dayrize, we’re always on the lookout for emerging trends and fashionable bags. But it’s not just about the bags. We want you to buy good and look good. That’s why we include brands who show they have a sustainable conscience, whether that means they use organic, natural materials or upcycle to make the most of their bag’s ingredients. It’s a simple philosophy but it also means you’ll elevate your look without the footprint.

Bags that suit your needs and the planet’s

Buying for yourself? Buying for your boyfriend? There are bags to suit all manner of needs. From shoulder bags to drawstrings, and everything in between, but you can feel rest assured that our brands use premium materials to provide that luxury look in a sustainable way. While our top range of bags will help you to find the right bag for the right purpose, we’re also committed to sourcing ethically responsible brands that work to give back. It could mean they contribute to the infrastructure supporting local crafters or they’re dedicated to the sourcing of materials produced in an environmentally friendly process. We do all of this to make sure the bag you’re wearing is shoulders above the rest. At the same time, it’s a simple choice that will help make a big difference, which is why you’ll not only look the part, but you’ll be the part too. Buy good.