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The right watch can tell the world what kind of man you are – one who cares about tradition, craftsmanship and quality. Our wide range of affordable men’s watches has something for every man, from the timeless and classic to the sporty and contemporary. Never before has there been so many watches to choose from, and we’re not just talking about models or brands. Today, there is a timepiece for every lifestyle and hobby, from runners and cyclists to golfers and deep-sea divers. Who knew buying a watch could be so daunting? But there’s no need to feel overwhelmed! At Dayrize, you’ll be able to find the right watch among our carefully curated selection. What’s more, each one has been chosen for its quality and sustainability, so you can look and feel amazing while protecting the planet.
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Timeless watch designs

Crafted to the highest quality, you can be sure our favourite men's watches not only look great but are reliable and durable too. From leather and metal wristwatches to innovative smartwatches which help you stay on top of your fitness, there is a style and design to suit everyone. When you need something sophisticated and smart to wear with your work suit, we’ve got you covered. Traditionally, a black leather strap was considered the standard option for formal wear, but who says you can’t rock your favourite rose gold watch whenever you please? Dress watches aren’t just for the weekend anymore, so don’t be afraid to step outside the box and amp up your everyday style to suit your personality.

Ready to up your wristwatch game?

A quality timepiece will last you long into the future, so choosing a men's watch which is comfortable to wear should be your top priority. Our selection includes a range of popular sizes for the modern man, including 46 mm, 44 mm, 42 mm and 38 mm designs. However, it’s important to compare men's watches before you buy. A small watch will be harder to read and could look silly on a large wrist, while the same is true of the reverse - a large watch will be uncomfortable and look out of place on a small wrist. The team at Dayrize works hard to source sustainable watches in all styles, shapes and designs, so we're sure you'll be able to find a watch that is proportional to you.