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Look stylish this winter with Dayrize's vast range of sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable men's cardigans. Our top-quality, extensive collection ensures you can find what you need, whatever the occasion. Want to look smart, chic, and professional? Or would you rather something more casual for everyday use? We stock those classic old-school favourites, as well as the latest popular styles straight off the runway. If you are more interested in practicality, you may simply want something to keep you warm during those colder months or to layer up as you transition between seasons. Our extensive range will help you to find the best cardigan for you. So if you want something to wear for school, work, hanging out with friends, Christmas and more, then you've come to the right place. Plus, at Dayrize we also bring together products made using sustainable methods and materials, so it's a win-win!
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Your look, your choice

At Dayrize, we stock clothing made from a vast array of different eco-friendly materials. As such, you will never be short of options. Our chunky knit cardigans will provide perfect protection from the chilly winter air, all the while ensuring you are looking dapper. But if you don't want something too chunky, then don't worry. Browse our collection for knitted, cashmere, cable knit, crochet, wool, and mohair cardigans, all in different shapes, styles, weights and sizes. And it doesn't need to be winter to rock your knitwear. Our collection of lightweight cardigans will suit you well in the warmer months of the year when you're in the mood to add some additional layers.

Look your best for any occasion

Honestly, who doesn't like a nice cardigan? Be sure to pair our cardigans with our other selections of clothes and accessories. Ever a popular cover-up, mix and match these cardigans with our wide range of shirts and trousers to guarantee that you look as fashionable as ever. Best of all, our cardigans are versatile. If you are looking for something to wear casually with friends or for something more formal, your quest ends here!

Dress smart, save the polar bears

We are committed to providing affordable and sustainable clothing. We give you the tools to make more informed decisions on your purchases and doing your bit to protect our planet. And what's more, you'll look good doing it. So browse today, find the right cardigan for you, and make a difference.