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Women's scarves are a very versatile thing indeed! From keeping your neck warm to adding a stylish flair to an outfit, from showing your loyalty to your favourite football team to acting as a makeshift belt, you'll find plenty of uses for women's neckwear. And what's more, the vast choice of fabrics, colours, styles and prices means that you can easily compare our women's shawls and scarves, finding the perfect option to suit your exact needs. Whether it's for daily wear, for a special occasion, for sporting events, for work or for accessorising your favourite outfits, a scarf can transform what you're wearing into a whole new outfit. So, if you're looking for something that's an affordable buy AND has sustainability woven into its very fabric, have a browse through what we've curated at Dayrize!
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A choice of materials

Women's scarves come in all different types of fabric, and each one has its own benefits - which best suits you? 100% cotton scarves are a top choice if you're looking for something soft and breathable, and they're also popular amongst those with sensitive skin, as they don't cause irritation. Silk scarves, on the other hand, tend to be a little more expensive as it's a premium fabric, but you'll often find silk scarves for sale in a huge range of beautiful designs and stunning colours. Silk is also hypoallergenic, making it another good choice for those whose skin is easily irritated.

Warm and comfortable

Alternatively, if you're looking for something warm yet lightweight and comfortable, take a look at our women's cashmere scarves. Cashmere - which comes from the coat of cashmere goats - is the perfect choice year-round, keeping you warm in the winter while wicking away sweat in summer. Wool scarves are a very popular choice and can be knitted in a range of patterns and colours. Wool is a material that is incredibly breathable and can help you to regulate your body temperature. Poor quality wool can itch and feel uncomfortable, but at Dayrize, you'll find only comfortable, high-quality woollen scarves produced sustainably.

Scarves for all occasions

What purpose do you want your new scarf to serve? Are you looking for a neck scarf to either keep you warm in cooler weather or to accessorise an outfit? Are you searching for a headscarf - either for faith reasons or to protect your hair? It might be that you're after a winter scarf for the cooler months, a shawl or pashmina that can be styled in various ways, or a football scarf in your team colours to show your loyalty... Whatever you're after, find sustainable, affordable choices at Dayrize.