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How much do you trust the UK weather...? While in other countries the sweaters can be put away in storage when the winter is over, here they're an integral part of our wardrobes all year round so it's important to find something in a style for all occasions! Whether you're looking just for cosy warmth, or whether you want to make a fashion statement too, we've got a wide range of affordable women's sweaters & pullovers to suit all occasions. Stylish off-the-shoulder choices, cropped numbers that display a bit of midriff, super-warm Norwegian-style sweaters, luxurious cashmere...even festive options - there's a vast amount to choose from. One thing we guarantee, though, is that when you buy through Dayrize, you'll be buying from a brand that lives up to its promised green credentials.
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Choose the right fabric

The type of fabric you choose for women's sweaters & pullovers will depend on your preferences, the occasion, and your own personal style. Good quality wool is soft and warm - and for the epitome of comfort, choose merino, closely followed by the luxury of lambswool. Cashmere is incredibly soft, delicate, warm and lightweight, sweatshirt fabric is stretchy and cosy, while a down-lined sweater jacket will keep you toasty warm. If you're looking for a knitted pullover, you'll have a choice of knits to compare too: an ever-popular casual chunky knit, a cable knit (which originates from fishermen's jumpers and can keep you incredibly warm), the sleek and slimming profile of a ribbed knit or a boho-style crochet knit, that's good for layering, among others.

Varied sweater styles

Bare some skin with an off the shoulder or cropped jumper if the sun is shining but the temperature is low - or if you're looking for all-encompassing warmth, a cosy Norwegian jumper or an oversized option might be your favourite choice. Sleeveless sweaters are great for layering, while jumper dresses can be either dressed up or down for a variety of different looks. Whether baggy or more fitted, roll neck sweaters have grown in popularity over recent years, and zip up options are perfect for those spring or autumn days where the temperature keeps changing!

Special occasion sweaters

There's one time of year that's synonymous with themed sweaters...yes, Christmas! Some Xmas jumper choices are more tasteful, with detailed scenes or understated patterns. Some, however, like to go bold and brash - we do love an ugly Christmas jumper! It's a great way to get the festive spirit flowing and make people smile! So is doing your bit for the planet when you shop sustainably with Dayrize.