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We all know the struggle - finding the perfect pair of women's leggings is hard. Some are too tight around the ankles, some lose their elastic in the thighs - and no one wants to talk about the type that sag around the crotch. While they are a staple of every modern woman's wardrobe, the plight in finding the perfect snug-fit yet comfy legging can be hard. That's why we've spent, well, a very long time working with some of the world's best brands to find the best legwear styles on offer at affordable prices. Not only that, our favourite women's leggings are from an environmentally-friendly supply chain - meaning that you can look and feel fab whilst saving the planet. We're pretty sure that's the definition of 'enlightenment'.
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Leggings for every occasion

Dayrize has got every kind of leggings a woman could possibly need - from high-waisted trendy leggings for an athleisure-look Sunday stroll to the best leggings for running and working out in the gym. We also have a stylish range of maternity leggings for mums-to-be, which offer comfort for those expecting. Using a range of fabrics including cotton, nylon and lycra, we have something for everyone, no matter what your requirements are. While we have a wide range of black leggings and jeggings we also offer bold colours and patterns for those who are in the market for something that stands out a little more - or for something downright quirky. Well, who wants to blend in, right?

The perfect fit

We've worked with specialists to ensure the cut, feel and style of every pair of leggings we sell is the best it possibly can be, meaning that you can feel great and look great at the same time. Our stylish and affordable women's leggings are flexible, durable and in many cases waterproof - meaning they will keep you warm and supported whether on a run, hiking a mountain, doing yoga, or slobbing out on the TV. For ultimate longevity, look for leggings and jeggings with a much higher elastane content, around 10-15%, to ensure you avoid the dreaded baggy knee look!

-Eco-friendly shopping

Some of the brands we work with are all devoted to the plight of Planet Earth. They have poured their hearts and souls into making sure everything they produce has been made with minimising the environmental impact in mind. No corners have been cut, no one has been exploited, and every pair of leggings for sale here are ethically made. That means you can relax, work out - or even climb Mount Everest - safe in the knowledge that when you buy women's leggings from Dayrize, you've invested in a high-quality product that will help in the battle against climate change.