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With the right barware at home, happy hour can be whenever you want it to be! And "the right barware" looks very different for different people. For some, it's enough to have a good set of wine glasses and champagne glasses to enjoy a relaxing evening drink to the full; while others choose to go the whole hog, creating a dedicated and fully stocked bar in their home (or their shed!), kitted out with bar stools, a huge variety of glassware, and more. Whether one of these sounds like you or you're somewhere in between, we've got a wide variety of top barware and drinks accessories for you to choose from. Compare barware and drinks accessories at Dayrize, and you'll also see that every product has its own sustainability score, helping you to keep track of your environmental impact too.
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The perfect serve

Your choice of glassware will depend on which drinks you're planning on serving, whether it's highballs, short tumblers, Martini glasses, shot glasses... there are plenty to choose from! Different wines and cocktails suit different glasses, and even beer glasses come in a variety of shapes and styles. If you're planning a party, you might also want to think about coasters to keep your surfaces protected, and carafes, trays and ice buckets to serve your drinks. But remember, when it comes to choosing the best barware and drinks accessories, it's not all about how you serve your drinks - it's the storage, tools and accessories that are important too.

Get tooled up

If you're stuck for storage, you've come to the right place. At Dayrize, you'll find a choice of wine racks that'll not only keep your wine stored in perfect condition, but they'll look fantastic too. Or, if beers or spirits are more your style, then take a look at our range of bar bottle holders and chillers. They'll mean that you've always got easy access to your spirits, and you've always got an ice-cold beer or cider to enjoy! Our selection of decanters will let you store your red wine, whisky, bourbon or cognac in the right way - and with a choice of styles, they'll add to the aesthetic of your home as well. Plus have a browse of our favourite barware and drinks accessories to find all sorts of other bar tools that'll help you to store, prepare and serve your favourite drinks in style. Cheers!