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Buying cutlery isn't generally something that happens often - there are studies that show the average person only buys three cutlery sets in their lifetime! And because cutlery serves us for such a long time, there's normally a lot of research that goes into the buying decision! Full sets, individual items, stainless steel, silver-plated, dishwasher safe or not, there are a lot of variables to consider - and not just these. Are you after a simple set of forks, knives, dessert spoons and teaspoons, or are you after multi-course settings that include cutlery for appetisers and desserts, or things like pasta spoons and salad forks too? However you want to dress your table, compare cutlery at Dayrize and you're sure to find something to suit both your needs and your tastes!
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Don't forget your serving sets!

Of course, you might not be looking for cutlery to eat with, which is why we also offer all sorts of cutlery for getting food from the kitchen or table to your plate. For example, a simple serving fork for sliced meat; a serving spoon for pasta dishes; a ladle for hearty stews or soups or for lashings of steaming custard; salad tongs for an easy and stylish way to fill your plate with vibrantly coloured and flavoured side dishes; or even a cheese knife or two for a sharing cheese board - a great way to end a dinner party or a special occasion meal! And don't forget the cake. If you often make (or buy) and serve cake, you'll want to do it in style! A cake slice and knife set, a cake cutter or a more comprehensive cake serving set will make you look like a pro!

Comfort is key

As well as finding the best cutlery to suit your intended purpose and a style that looks great, you'll want to buy cutlery that you feel comfortable using, too. Cutlery will often vary by weight and by shape, as well as by length and by balance, depending on its material and style. Which is the best cutlery set for you? Well, that's all about personal preference. And if you're concerned about the impact of your purchases on the environment, that's another great reason to buy cutlery from Dayrize. With every product we list having its own sustainability score, you'll be able to see at a glance how environmentally-friendly your choice is.