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When it comes to affordable food storage, Dayrize has everything you need, from reusable water bottles to durable lunch boxes. If you're looking to make the switch to a waste-free kitchen, now is the time to stock up on affordable snack pots, drinking cups and thermo flasks. Thanks to Dayrize, buying good storage products really couldn't be easier. Our functional and practical range has been carefully curated, so you can rest assured there is a storage container for all your requirements, from freezing leftovers to taking a packed lunch to work. What's more, all the items in our selection of food storage containers are given a sustainability rating, so if you care about the impact your family is having on the environment, you can make more eco-conscious purchases at Dayrize.
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Food storage for your everyday needs

Packing lunches for school or work can be difficult if you are trying to avoid using too much plastic wrap. However, updating your storage collection with our large assortment of reusable lunch boxes, snack pots, yoghurt pots and water bottles can help solve this issue. Meal prep has also never been so easy. Our lightweight and waterproof containers will keep your food fresh and can be washed at the end of the day before being reused. Meal prepping not only helps you to pack a healthy lunch, but you'll reduce your waste and save money at the same time.

Enjoy your food hot or cold

Insulated water bottles and coffee cups will keep your drinks hot for hours at a time, which is ideal in cold weather and on early-morning commutes. Furthermore, our microwaveable lunch boxes and snack pots mean you can enjoy a hot meal at the office. If you enjoy soup for lunch, our favourite thermo cups and thermo flasks could be just what you need on a day out with the family or a long day at work. For something more refreshing, vacuum-sealed fruit pots and boxes will keep your favourite fruits fresh for the whole day. We also stock reusable cutlery, which stops you from having to use single-use plastic and is easy to clean and carry. More than just a trend, food storage is a lifestyle, making your life easier and more sustainable in the simplest way possible. Eating on the go is no longer a daunting task. Our versatile and exciting range of top food storage containers is full of exciting colours, styles, and shapes, and there are plenty of options to choose from.