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Fill your home with warm and welcoming scents, fragrances that remind you of palm-fringed beaches and diffuser oils that are everything from floral to fruity and relaxing to refreshing. The Dayrize collection of home fragrance creates the perfect ambience no matter mood you're in. Discover soothing essential oils, hypnotically scented candles, stylish reed diffusers and perfect plugins for adding a fresh scent to your home. Of all the senses, smell has the strongest effect on our experiences and choosing the right fragrance for your home is as important as choosing colour palettes and furnishings. From delicate blooms to woody wonders and morning pick-me-ups to whisper-soft scents, our extensive selection of popular home fragrances is everything from mesmerising to mellow and familiar to fancy. Our edit features the warm glow of candles and the continuous background scent of reed diffusers, bringing high-quality, long-lasting fragrance to your home.
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From seductive and soft to fresh and clean

Want to envelop your living room with the balmy scent of a summer’s day or the warm and romantic aromas of winter? Our top room sprays are rich in fragrance and with a few spritzes, your space will come alive with mood-boosting scent. Fancy the stylish look of reed diffusers? Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms, our favourite reed diffusers and refills eliminate the need for an open flame, come in exquisite scents and look ever so chic on display. Looking for zesty aromas that leave your kitchen with that just cleaned feel? Discover citrusy lemons and limes and tangy oranges in everything from air fresheners to plugins for an enlivening feel that eliminates cooking odours.

From spa-like scents to sleep-inducing aromas

Searching for that sensual spa-like experience in your bathroom? Up the luxury levels with scented candles, essential oils and diffusers in everything from decadent rose to minty eucalyptus. Our affordable home scents are soft and soothing and our popular essential oils can help with everything from relieving congestion to putting moisture back into your skin. If you prefer the inviting flicker of a scented candle, we’ve thought of that too. Perfect for bedrooms and living spaces, look out for deep rich notes of amber and blackberry, the aroma of freshly cleaned laundry and the sleep-inducing scent of lavender.

Scent your space the sustainable way

From soul-soothing home fragrance gift sets to solo candles and chic diffusers, our long-lasting home scents are perfect for pampering and unwinding or entertaining and enlivening. All the fragrances and oils in our range of given a Dayrize score, so you can compare them based on their environmental impact and make more conscious purchasing decisions which align with your principles.