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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so surely something so invaluable ought to be protected in a beautiful frame? We have a variety of photo frames available in most sizes and popular styles. From sleek black frames to wood frames, we have good-quality but affordable picture frames suitable for all of your most treasured snaps. A perfect gift for a loved one or a stylish home accessory for yourself, a framed family photo of a special occasion can add a homely touch like nothing else. Make a collage of pictures, notes and ticket stubs for your other half, or use funky frames to create a feature wall of special memories, homemade artwork and meaningful mementoes.

Picture this…

We all love to capture life’s precious moments - moments that would otherwise be lost forever – so why not encase them in the perfect frame? From silver and gold frames to add a luxurious feel and party vibes to your celebration pictures, to clean white frames for photos of life’s most wonderful moments such as weddings, births and christenings, one of our photo frames for sale will likely make your image picture-perfect. For something more non-traditional, try colourful frames with patterns or texture to make your pictures pop. Or, a fun way to cherish your favourite memories is with a photo wall! Try mismatched frames in different and either clashing or complimenting colours, materials and sizes to create a beautiful place to reminisce. Our favourite photo frames needn't just be used for pictures. Make your little one feel as though they're a budding Pablo Picasso by framing their fridge doodle to preserve it forever and displaying their artwork in a cute, polished way. We have frames for certificates, diplomas and degrees, and bigger sizes for art and prints. Nothing makes a house feel quite like a home than pictures, and the memories and meaning they hold within them.

A different frame of mind

We know that making environmentally-friendly choices while shopping isn’t always easy. That’s why we give all of our products a sustainability score. At Dayrize, we stock a range of affordable photo frames for a variety of uses, all with an individual rating. We believe that by making it simple to see how eco-conscious a company and its products are, we make it easier for you to make more informed choices as a consumer. In other words, we help you protect the planet!