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New wallpaper or repainting can completely transform the look and feel of a room. But if you want to give a space a new lease of life and don't want to completely redecorate, finding good pictures and wall art can have just as great an impact. Wall art is perfect for every single room in the home, with everything from wall stickers to posters or photo prints to fine art available to suit your taste, your space, and your budget. Whether you're after more affordable pictures and wall art that you can replace to create a new look on a regular basis, or investment pieces designed to stand the test of time, we've got plenty of wall decor options here at Dayrize for you to choose from. Check out the sustainability scores for each piece, too, to find out its impact on the environment and do your bit for the planet!
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The best pictures and wall art for a regularly changing look

If you like to regularly switch up your home accessories without revamping your entire interior design, then compare pictures and wall art to make a difference! Wall stickers are great for everywhere from living rooms to kids' bedrooms and come in all sorts of sizes and designs. Framed prints and posters are also affordable options that are versatile, and give you a quick and easy way to transform a room: simply replace the artwork in the frame when you fancy something new! Choose a canvas print of a photo or artwork if the framed look isn't for you - and check out our selection of photography, which covers all different subjects and photography styles.

From classic to contemporary

Compare pictures and wall art at Dayrize, and you're sure to find your perfect piece. We've got everything from prints of classic paintings and photos to more contemporary wall art in a range of materials. Art is so subjective, so while one person may love the classic look of impressionist paintings, they won't be suitable for everyone's home. And while some will love the boldness and brightness of pieces produced by some of today's contemporary abstract artists, for others, they mean nothing. Because that's what finding the best pictures and wall art is about: meaning. Think about the style of your home and your personal preferences when buying, but also don't forget to choose something that inspires you and makes you feel great about your artwork choice.