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The Dayrize Story

Doesn’t it feel like every day we’re bombarded with more bad news about the world? Rising oceans. Warming climates. Don’t even get us started on the polar bears.

It seems like us humans have created quite the mess. And it’s easy to feel like it’s too big or too overwhelming to change.

That’s when we had an idea. And a simple one at that: what if we could create real change just by changing the way we shop?

We know what you’re thinking — shopping? How will that help save the world? And you’re right, every product we buy leaves a footprint on the planet. But what if we could all buy products that leave smaller footprints? It seems like a small thing, but small actions taken by all of us can make a big difference.

That’s why we created, an online marketplace that makes it easy to use your buying power to shop for goods... that do good. We sell thousands of products that are assessed by our Dayrize Score, a set of metrics that evaluate the degree to which a product can be considered sustainable, regenerative, and circular.

All that is a fancy way to say we find you the stuff you love that happens to be good for the planet (and yup, the polar bears) too. Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying saving the planet’s going to be easy. We’re just saying changing the way we shop is a pretty good place to start.