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We sell goods that do good.

Doesn’t it feel like every day we’re bombarded with more bad news about the planet? Rising oceans. Warming climates. Ecosystem impact, and more. None of it good for us, or polar bears.

Here’s the good news: we can create real change just by changing the way we shop – and reducing our footprint on the planet by choosing quality sustainable products is a great start. The catch is, actually doing that can be difficult, time-consuming and a bit of a shot in the dark: after all, how do you really know if something you’re buying is truly sustainable?

Dayrize Story

Dayrize solves that.

It’s a new approach to sustainable shopping online, making it easy and enjoyable to buy goods that do good. Everyone can make a little bit of difference with every purchase – and that all adds up to a huge change for the better.

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How does it work? Glad you asked.

First, we bring together the best sustainable products on the planet, so you don’t have to spend time scouring the internet for great products. Each brand needs to pass strict criteria to be even listed on the Dayrize website.

Then we go deep. Way deep.

We dig in to learn more about every one of those products, every step of the way: from the time it’s sourced to the moment it lands on your doorstep – and even what happens with it beyond that. And we do it with technology we developed specifically for that purpose: the Dayrize Sustainability Assessment Tool, which uses complex algorithms combined with geospatial analytics and other datasets cross-referenced against five recognised dimensions of sustainability to assess and standardise the environmental impact of every product. Phew.

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Dayrize Story

The Dayrize Score

The technology is complex and ground-breaking, but the output is simple: a single, meaningful figure we call The Dayrize Score. Every product gets its own unique score, which means for the first time ever we can all accurately compare the impact of products as we shop.

It gets better. Literally.

We also share the detailed output of our assessment with the brands we’ve partnered with, offering them ongoing knowledge, insights and methods to improve the sustainability of their products and raise their Dayrize Score.

We’re on a journey to help the world buy great products that help bring consumption within planetary boundaries. Don’t get us wrong: we’re not saying saving the planet’s going to be easy. We’re just saying changing the way we shop is a great place to start.

Dayrize Story