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Aqua & Rock

Aqua & Rock Baltic Black Sneakers



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Aqua & Rock Baltic black sneakers. Our premium sneakers are made from recycled leather, recycled rubber and have Aloe Vera insoles. The leather used in our sneakers is sourced as a by-product from the food industry. Around 40%-50% of the cow is used for food therefore the remaining leftovers are used as a by-product to avoid this waste going to landfill. It also stops the unnecessary production of leather by utilising the waste product.  The body of the sneakers is made out of high-quality recycled leather that is extremely durable. The upper and tongue leather has a woven texture complimented by a solid leather on the collar and toe cap. The silver eyelets are made using non-heavy metals with cotton black laces. The sole of the sneaker is made from recycled rubber that is in a zig zag shape to create good grip. The insoles of the sneakers are made from Aloe Vera that are designed to nurture and keep feet comfortable. There is a contrasting embroidered silver logo to the back of the sneakers. Made in the Italy.
SKU:52-5161393193091Type of Shoe:Lace-UpMaterial Footwear:Leather, RubberComfort & Fit:Underfoot CushioningActivity:CasualFree From:Aluminium-FreePackaging type:Recycled materialDesigned for:Fully recyclable
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Aqua & Rock Baltic Black Sneakers
Aqua & Rock

Aqua & Rock Baltic Black Sneakers

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