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Aqua & Rock

Art Trainers - Green Garden



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Aqua & Rock beautiful, unique Art trainers inspired by Garden of Earthly Delights by  Hieronymus Bosch. The premium trainers are made from high-quality leather and printed fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. All our designer trainers come with an Aloe Vera insole that nurtures the feet whilst wearing them. Certificate ICEC n°38  No chrome  - Absence of other heavy metals  Leather is produced using a “wet-white” tanning that gives the product a higher grade of purity and does not favour allergies upon contact. This system also makes colours more intense and natural. These characteristics have been tested according to industry standards, international standards and certified by ICEC, the institute of quality certification for the leather industry, in order to offer the maximum guarantee for customers and end users. Made in Italy.  
Type of Shoe:Lace-UpMaterial Footwear:LeatherComfort & Fit:Underfoot CushioningActivity:CasualFree From:Aluminium-FreePackaging type:Recycled materialDesigned for:Fully recyclable

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Aqua & Rock

Art Trainers - Green Garden

The Dayrize Score assesses the environmental impact of every product across 5 dimensions of sustainability


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Dayrize Score

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Circularity Score: 51

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Climate Change Score: 63

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Ecosystem Impact Score: 59

This tells us what the impact of the product is on biodiversity and water depletion.

Purpose Score: 88

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Livelihoods & Wellbeing Score: 89

This tells us how each product will impact the health and wellbeing of the people involved in creating the product.