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Aqua & Rock

Barrier Reef Blue Sweater


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Aqua & Rock barrier reef blue sweater. The blue sweater is made from 100% “Aqua Natural Triblend”, our very own sustainable fabric. Aqua Natural Triblend is made from 77% organic cotton, 15% hemp and 8% recycled wool. The fabric is extremely soft, durable and breathable. Organic cotton and hemp uses natural rainwater to grow and doesn’t use chemical pesticides. This means that organic farming doesn’t pollute the earth and doesn’t extract water from the local area. Recycled wool also has relatively low impact in its process. The wool goes through a process to sort it into colours by selecting and blending similar colours. This means that the wool doesn't need to be dyed again resulting in saving water and not using any new dyes. The blue sweater has a large coral reef print to the front dyed using vegetable dyes that are environmentally friendly.  Our model is a UK size 8 and wearing size small. Made in Turkey.
By purchasing this product you're using 6.7% of your monthly carbon budget and 0.2% of your water budget.

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Barrier Reef Blue Sweater
Aqua & Rock

Barrier Reef Blue Sweater

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